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Case study Helmut Lang



The design studio was based on the thesis that there is a close relationship between all applied and visual arts, and that an engagement with various disciplines outside of architecture broadens the horizon of one‘s own practice. The inherent fast pace of fashion implies a questionable relationship to urgent ecological issues on the one hand, on the other it requires a creative flexibility and spontaneity that stand in contrast to the precise and sometimes stagnant carefulness with which architectural designs are developed. The aim of the studio was to critically question these discrepancies and to extract a synergetic approach to enrich the participants’ position as architects.


Participating Students
Menal Batti, Gregor Hilpert, Julian Hohengassner, Berran Kalkan, Alena Anna Marold, Sara Hannah Mislik, Merve Selin Onay, Cláudia Pereira, Carla Pirich, Mara Potthast, Ana Teixeira, Amina Tukelija


Taught by
Wilfried Kuehn, Wassily Walter
Teaching assistant: Nermina Dolamić